Junkyards with Torinos and Fords

up side downlot of old fordscov torino20151104_123704jaunk yard 70TorinoGT4 71_GT_M_code20150410_112851torinos in junkyardtorino 500

Torino heaven where all torinos go when they are done20150410_112924 junky

needs a little help20151104_120853cyclone in junkmode 20151104_121355junk station wagon 20151104_122118more junk

the road to torinos20151104_122805junkyard 20151104_122851stacking the cougars 20151104_123448junk

junk is wonderfullot of old fords



junkyard for torinos


junkyard heaven junkyard in 2016   

crashed torino